FirstBatch SDK
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Real-time personalization without user data
FirstBatch turns any UX into individually crafted, personalized experiences without even needing user data. This is made possible through the power of embeddings and vector databases.
Main value propositions of FirstBatch:
  • Real-time personalization that works on an individual level without relying on user data
  • User Embeddings introducing users to AI Agents and personalized LLM experiences
  • Custom algorithms that suit specific needs, easily applied in the dashboard
  • All above without the need for session management
Key Advantages:
  • Increases long-term user engagement through customized experiences
  • Solves the cold start problem with adaptable algorithms for different users
  • Simplifies the integration of advanced personalization without needing in-house data science expertise
  • Provides control over the speed and extent of personalization
  • Offers deeper insights into user preferences and actions, beyond basic data
  • Includes a visual tool for easy setup and improvement
A detailed look at value props.
What's inside?
The SDK is used to create an interface between the application and the vector database. After the integration, FirstBatch seamlessly manages every detail for you to create a personalized experience for users with individually crafted items, re-usability patterns, and custom algorithms.
FirstBatch Flow
FirstBatch is integrated into the backend of your application with the help of modules.
  • VectorStores: Vector database integrations
  • Algorithms: Factory algorithms and custom algorithms to for tailoring experiences
  • FirstBatch: Parent class to wrap all functionalities
We recommend starting by having a good understanding of Embeddings and User Embeddings. Then it's a great next step to dive into the rest of the content in the Learn section.
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